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What I’m Wednesday 59

Welcome to the place where I share what I’m up to each week and a bit of my real life outside of the blog.

The Saddest Sunflower Maze EVER- Ha you can see Wawa in the background!

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Totally ready for fall! Now that we are post Labor Day, I’m hitting the pumpkin. Hard. No shame in my game.


We went to this really sad sunflower maze. Last year we went to this amazing one that’s a hefty drive away. This year we were tired (thanks baby boy!) and stayed close to home and found ourselves traipsing through a field of mostly dead sunflowers that overlooked a Wawa in 90 degree heat. It wasn’t exactly the magical sunflower experience from last year. Nope it was more of the 2020 of sunflower mazes. But our daughter had a great time and we laughed about it.


Mulan. Yes, we shelled out the money for the Disney Plus premiere. I am so desperate for new movies to watch it was a no brainer. Plus my daughter was super excited to watch it. My thoughts: it was ok. I liked it, but my favorite two Disney remakes remain Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast. I’ll sit and watch either one of those almost any time my daughter wants to, but I can’t see watching Mulan again. 

It’s weird too. Mulan isn’t my favorite of the Disney cartoons but I do really enjoy it, probably because of the music. Some of the songs in Mulan are my favorites so taking away that made it less enjoyable. Also, Mulan in cartoon form is very theatrical. The theater lover in me appreciates that and I think about what adapting it for the stage would look like. (Fun fact: I directed children’s theater for quite a few years and I loved doing it and miss it.) It could be quite spectacular and I was hoping for a movie that captured that splashiness.

That said, I totally understand why it didn’t and why Disney approached the remake the way they did. It was well done in its approach and visually interesting. It also added new layers to the characters that I appreciated. However, I much prefer the campy musical genre. 

Also watched Love Guaranteed on Netflix. Of the two movies, I definitely preferred Love Guaranteed even though it was definitely the lesser movie. It was basically a Hallmark style rom com that starred Rachel Leigh Cook from She’s All That and Damon Wayans from New Girl. The movie is cheesy and sacchrine but embraces everything it is and is not and was really fun to watch. If you love rom coms like me, it’s worth a watch.


At the moment, I’m in a bit of a reading lull. The lack of sleep last week means I’ve been too exhausted to pick up a book before bed when I normally read. Hopefully this week I’ll start something new.


I’ve been loving Instant Pot Fettuccine Alfredo and this Thai style butternut squash soup. Absolutely perfect comfort food. 

Oh and because I have literally all the tomatoes right now and I do mean all of them I’ve been making a version Caprese Panzanella but I’ve been roasting the tomatoes the way I do for this roasted tomato bruschetta and I swear I’ve died and gone to food heaven. So dang good.

Oh and also! I’ve been testing pumpkin bread and have a landed on an amazingly delicious pumpkin bread that has the best ribbon of cinnamon swirl running through it sort of like my banana bread. Coming soon!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.