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Hi and welcome to Seasoned Sprinkles! Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the net.

I’m Jenna, the foodie behind this web page. I’m the chief recipe creator and kitchen mess maker around here. I will say though my kindergarten daughter, toddler son and overly enthusiastic dog all put me to shame in the mess making department.

That handsome fella in the picture is my husband Nate. He’s head of kitchen containment and my main recipe eater. Plus, he appears on here occasionally.About

Fresh, in season food makes me happy. Themed food makes me happier. Most of the food you’ll find here will be inspired by the current season or easy food crafts I can do with my kids. My daughter especially loves joining me for kitchen adventures and misadventures.

A little girl smiling over a tray of candy cane hearts

So much fun to do with kids!

My son, well he pretty much likes to steal things from my set and eat stray chocolate chips and cheese.

And, there’s the genetic connection.

I love all things pasta-y, carby, and cheesy. Sometimes I dream in food. If it’s a really good dream I dream in chocolate or cheese.

The Fun Stuff About Me

Food I love:

  • All things Italian- you can’t grow up cooking with an Italian grandma and not love Italian food
  • All things Thai- my daughter is pretty much made of Thai food because that’s all I ate when I was pregnant with her minus one very unfortunate incident with pickles that my family won’t let me forget and a brief but very intense fascination with Pringles
  • Really good salads- Think entree salads that are called salads because they have some greens but are mostly a lot of other stuff. You know what I mean right??
  • Ice cream- some of my best friendships have happened because of ice cream. You know who you are 🙂
  • Spicy food- the hotter the better! Really!
  • Cheese- I mean who doesn’t?
  • Dessert- seriously, though, it’s its own food group.

Other crucial things about me:

  • I’m pretty much the world’s biggest Christmas nut. It’s a real problem. You should see our home at Christmas time… it’s like the North Pole exploded.
  • Fall soothes my soul. The smells, the leaves, and OMG the pumpkin.
  • I drink a lot of coffee. Seriously. A lot.
  • Glitter is my jam. Sprinkles are the glitter of the food world. I love them hard too.
  • I have an unnatural obsession with my pajamas. I own far too many pairs of them and if you were to drop by on a random weekday afternoon, I’d probably be wearing them along with cozy socks and slippers.
  • If there’s a reason to celebrate something I probably am. Any reason to eat a good meal and be cheerful right?
  • I have seen every single episode of the Golden Girls at least 5 times. I aspire to be sassy Sophia but am much more sweet, naive Rose in real life.
  • In my past life, I taught dance and directed children’s theater and still try to take ballet and tap class when I get a chance. This means there’s a really good chance that I am probably dancing in my kitchen while I cook.

A Little Deeper

My boys

Not only am I all the things above, but I am a loss mom. I can’t not mention it because it has shaped me in so many ways and I do write about it openly here.

In 2018, we were ecstatic and a little scared to be honest to be expecting identical twin sons.

Everything was going well.

Until it wasn’t. At my 32 week ultrasound, we learned our son Nicholas had passed away. Our boys were born 5 days later, one too quiet and one a fiesty little fighter with more spunk than anyone I have ever met in my life. It was the hardest most contradictory time in our life. We were so relieved our survivor was doing well, but devastated to lose Nicholas.

I write openly about our experiences with stillbirth and would be glad to talk if you or a friend or loved one are going through a similar situation. 

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