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Pumpkin Hand Piest

Pumpkin Hand Pies These adorable pumpkin hand pies are as easy fall treat that makes a great alternative to traditional pumpkin pie with much less bake time. This adorable recipe works well for Halloween and Thanksgiving, but is sure to bring a smile on any crisp fall day. Filled with sweetly spicy pumpkin filling, pumpkin…


Melting Snowmen S’morest

Melting Snowmen S’mores Ho ho ho! Jingle jingle and all that Christmas stuff. Welcome to Christmas in July 2018. I’m kicking things off with these melting snowmen s’mores. In case you are a newbie here (welcome btws!), every July, I dust off my Christmas lovin self and bring you a short series of recipes perfect…


Easy Oreo Bunny Buttst

Easy Oreo Bunny Butts Real bunny butts are the cutest things ever. Fluffy tails. OMG. I just can’t with the cute balls of fluffy cottontails. So I had to take the cuteness and make it into some overly adorable Easter treat. Enter these easy Oreo bunny butts. For some reason I am slightly obsessed with…


Homemade Chocolate Heartst

Homemade Chocolate Hearts I’m not sure how I feel about Valentine’s Day itself. It’s not my top holiday for sure, but you know what I do love about the day? Valentine’s Day sprinkles! All the Valentine’s Day sprinkles! And putting them on everything like these easy homemade chocolate hearts. These sprinkles though. It’s like being…


Easy Turkey Cookiest

Easy Turkey Cookies Happy almost Thanksgiving! Can you believe it’ll be here in a week? It’s crazy. The time of year from September through December just feels like it goes so fast. I know it’s cliche, but for me at least it’s true. And every year, I vow that I am going to slow down…


Easy Pumpkin Oreost

Easy Pumpkin Oreos Halloween is supposed to be scary right? Well, there’s nothing scary about these easy Oreo Pumpkins except how my daughter is after eating half a package of candy eyeballs. That, my friends, is truly scary indeed. However, if you could hear the little voice going, “More eyeballs, peas, Mama,” then you might…