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What I’m Wednesday 41

Welcome to the place where I share what I’m up to each week and a bit of my real life outside of the blog.


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Thinking about

We’ve reached the part of quarantine where time is totally a made up concept. Want to watch a movie at midnight? Sure. And who really knows what day of the week it is? I don’t. Honestly my level of daily confusion has reached an all time high.

I think Chicago said, “Does anybody really know what time it is? Does anybody really care?”

Pretty sure that was about this situation and they just didn’t realize it.


And we’ve also reached the part of quarantine where we are attempting to do a 500 piece holographic puzzle with our 5 year old. The jury’s still out as to whether or not this is genius or really, really stupid. So far it’s going ok but we’ve pretty much only got the frame assembled.


I am reading 3 different books currently. I want to read The Happily Ever After Playlist by Abby Jimenez. I loved the Friend Zone but I definitely got kind of emotional reading it so I’m now hesitating to get too involved in it right now.

So I started a book called Beach Read about a romance writer who spends her summer at a lake house writing a book with a grittier feel as challenged by another writer, who she subsequently challenges to write a romantic comedy. It’s a little heavier than I was expecting…

So I started reading these really trashy novels about princes. Literally just mind candy but I feel like this is all I can handle in the hot mess that the world is right now especially if I read before bed.


Oh! I found my new show obsession! I am seriously hooked on Beauty and the Baker on ABC. It. Is. So. Good. It’s total mind candy and it’s fun and I’m definitely having fun rooting for the two main characters. Check it out!

Also, started The Outer Banks on Netflix. I’m in the middle of the second episode. It’s juicy- like Gossip Girl meets Revenge.

And because I’m enjoying Beauty and the Baker so much and it is sort of telenovella like, I’m making my husband rewatch Jane the Virgin.


I’m baking a shameful amount of these chocolate chip cookies lately. Is there anything better than a cookie fresh out of the oven? It just is so yummy.

Aside from stuffing my face full of cookies, we’ve done a lot of this Instant Pot chicken salad and have made an amazing air fryer version of these Parmesan chicken nuggets that I’ll share soon.


Despite the general haze of confusion, I’m pretty dang proud of myself. I just wrote and sold my very favorite piece to date about a cause that’s very near and dear to me. I’ll share it when it’s published.

That’s it for me this week! What are you up to? How are you all holding up? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.