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Winter Alphabet Printables for Preschool and Kindergarten

Winter alphabet printables for preschool and kindergarten kids are a cute fun way for your little learners to go over their ABCs. Little ones will love the adorable snowmen decorating the pages of this kindergarten literacy and handwriting packet.

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Homeschooling my daughter for her kindergarten year has been fun. To keep our lessons interesting, I’ve been planning her year and her activities seasonally.

Now that winter is here, we’ll be reinforcing her ABCs with this adorable snowman themed printable.

It’s allowed us to spend some extra quality time together and do fun projects as she learns.

One of the goals I hear from my other homeschooling friends for their preschoolers and kindergarteners are mastering the alphabet. We’re doing really well with it but it never hurts to reinforce the letters. This packet helps with letter recognition, identifying uppercase and lowercase letters and being able to match them and print them.

Winter Alphabet Printables for Literacy and Handwriting Practice 

This adorable winter alphabet printable is a fun way to work on alphabet recognition and handwriting skills. We’ve been doing the pages during December and January.

To enrich the alphabet activity, we go through and do a beginning phonics exercise as well focusing on the sounds each letter makes. 

We do use this phonics workbook to enrich for beginning sounds and also brainstorm other words that start with the same first sound.

Winter Letter Finding

One of my favorite parts of this printable packet is the letter finding box on each page. Little learners can color the matching letters in with a crayon or use a paint stick to mark the matches. My daughter loves doing this.

Winter Alphabet Tracing Sheets Your Little Learners Will Love!

These winter alphabet tracing sheets have been a fun way to practice lowercase printing and letter recognition. The letters are big enough for beginners but small enough to reinforce fine motor skills. 

Grab your free winter alphabet printable here!

Other Alphabet Printables

Halloween Alphabet Book

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.