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What I’m Wednesday 7

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Listening to

My husband and daughter playing fairy. He just said, “But I’m not a speed fairy, I’m a slow, fluttery fairy.”

That might be the best sentence uttered in this house in the last week.


Still The Proposal. What can I say? I haven’t been sucked in yet and I’m about midway through. I want to finish it because I hate not finishing a book after I’ve started it. Also, I was sick for a few days last week. That summer cold won and took me out for the better part of three days. I didn’t read. I didn’t write. I just slept a lot. And woke up one morning feeling so much better.


The last season of Jane the Virgin! I’m on Chapter 87 and I am so over all the Michael drama. #teamRaphaelforever I’m hooked. Also really excited for Ginny & Georgia. I loved the Gilmore Girls. Got hooked in college and have watched the series an embarrassing number of times so this sounds right up my Gilmore Girls alley.


This lemon pesto hummus! I just reshot that recipe and updated the post and sort of remembered how delicious that hummus is. So I’ve made it several times in the past few weeks. And I definitely ate it for lunch today.

Also these cherry berry smoothies. Breakfast every day lately. I’m sort of done with being hot and sweaty and need something cold in the morning. Yet at the same time I still suck down at least two cups of hot coffee per morning. Bare minimum. I’m a big contradiction. I admit.

And the pasta pictured above. The recipe is coming soon but it’s similar to my bruschetta pasta but with big hunks of creamy burrata. SWOON.

Oh and speaking of cheese (when am I ever not really?) can I just take a moment to highly recommend dipping a burger into this beer cheese queso? That may have happened recently. I may have heard little birds singing songs of pure joy as it did.


All the Hocus Pocus decor in the craft stores. OMG, my fall heart literally swooned walking into Michael’s and seeing a sign that said “It’s Hocus Pocus Time Witches.” Seriously need in my life now. And this shirt that says the same thing. Would it be too basic of me to say I just can’t even?

And speaking of fall stuffs… these Instant Pot PSLs. MUST HAVE NOW. I don’t care that it’s 85 degrees and muggy and too uncomfortable to think about wearing pants let alone fuzzy socks and sweatshirts. Still a must have for me.

Also stumbled onto the Honest Trailers YouTube channel. I spent an embarrassing amount of time one night watching them. Do you know the channel? It’s what film reviews would say if they could be honest. HYSTERICAL.

Lastly, loving the sound of sudden downpours on my window. It’s so relaxing to listen to the rain fall and I love the way it smells outside after a nice summer rain.

Getting ready to

Paint a mural in my daughter’s room. I’ve painted or help paint two murals for friend’s kids, and my daughter has decided she needs one. It is going to be the pinkest explosion of unicorns and castles imaginable complete with a rainbow and butterflies. As per her request. Also… found in the craft store, glitter paint, which is obviously going to get used in this mural. Trying to think of other ways to use glitter craft paint. If you have any ideas let me know.



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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.