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What I’m Wednesday 62

Welcome to the place where I share what I’m up to each week and a bit of my real life outside of the blog.a toddler boy in an a chair

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Happy 2021!

So, I thought I’d try to get back to these WIW posts this year. I had a few people ask where they went. And the truth is… I kind of felt like there was nothing interesting going on in my life after most of the year at home. 

But apparently, some of you missed this so here we go! 🙂


This is going to sound silly but here goes- since it’s winter here and just generally blah outside we haven’t been walking or running like we do the other 9ish months of the year. So instead, we’ve been doing Leslie Sansone’s walk videos on YouTube. My whole family does them. My son gets super excited when we turn them on and runs to me to be picked up and will stay in my arms for the whole video. He loves when you have to do the knee marches and anything that makes you rotate to the side. Both of those movements make him laugh like crazy. And my daughter does it but turns it into a game. It’s a cute easy way to get some family time together where we are being active and still staying inside.

Speaking of the boy, he has been super snuggly lately. He will play for a few minutes then come climb up on my life and say “Tinky toes!” Translation, “Stinky toes!” This is toddler for, “Mommy, please play with my feet and tell me they are stinky in song form.” And I do. I hold his feet and kind of shake them and sing, “Stinky toes! Stinky toes. M has stinky stinky toes!” He loves it. 


Oh my gosh so much!

Bridgerton! Addicted. Love it! Simon! Swoon! Have you watched it?

I also binge watched Tiny Pretty Things and just finished that this week. Way darker than my normal tastes but sort of Gossip Girl meets Center Stage meets Pretty Little Liars. I got really hooked on it and needed to finish it before moving on.

And, I just started watching Emily in Paris. I know a lot of people didn’t like it, but I am 2 episodes in and think it’s fun so far. Will I understand why people didn’t like it when I get further along?


Again so much! 

I’m about a third of the way through the first Bridgerton book, The Duke and I. It’s a bit different from the show so far, but I really like it.

And since I am fully invested in this regency romance right now I am also reading The Heiress Gets a Duke, which I got from BOTM. Also like it a lot!

Or maybe it’s not a period thing, maybe it’s a royal thing because I did just finish American Royal II: Majesty. Again, a lot of people didn’t like this book on Goodreads, but I actually did like it quite a lot. I do hope there’s a third because I felt like neither Beatrice’s or Nina’s stories really got resolved.


It’s full on soup season here. I made a really yummy beef veggie soup that we’ll be sharing this week. Also been meal prepping tons of Instant Pot Quinoa and having that for lunch a ton.


My Ninja coffee maker. One of my best friends got one recently and our son broke our coffee pot on Christmas Eve of all days. He pulled it off the counter and bam. We decided to see what my friend was talking about and well she has excellent taste. This thing makes amazing coffee, brews tea and makes cold coffee drinks too. And hello can we talk about the frother? OBSESSED. Where has it been all my life?

That’s it from me this week! What are you up to? Leave me a comment below and let me know!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.