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What I’m Wednesday 53

Welcome to the place where I share what I’m up to each week and a bit of my real life outside of the blog.


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My garden. My lilies are still full blooming and smell so good and look so pretty. Also, my basil plants are doing really well, which considering that the rest of my garden is struggling hard is a win. I’ve eaten exactly one tomato I have grown this year and one zucchini. It does look like I will have a few more tomatoes in the next couple days though. 

Also, fun fact: did you know that cucumbers turn yellow when they are over ripe? I did not and let it sit on the vine trying to get it to ripen. Opps.


Playing outside with the kids. We set up the 3 pack of kiddie pools over the weekend and earlier in the week when it was super hot and played in them. Also our unicorn sprinkler is getting a ton of use.


I’m finished What You Wish For by Katherine Center. Last week, I think I mentioned that the book was a bit heavier and darker than some of what I have been favoring lately. However, I really liked it after I finished it. The main character talks about how she consciously chooses joy each day and how she does that. What a lovely thought! Especially during this time. I have been trying to get myself in the mindset of choosing joy each day instead of choosing to dwell on the scary negative things. It’s hard, but I’m hoping it gets easier as I do it more and more.

Also read Head over Heels by Hannah Orenstein. This book was super smart and relevant to the recent events in the gymnastics world and in the world in general. Unfortunately for Orenstein, well 2020 happened so the issues in the new release feel very long ago. That said, she used the issues in a way to smartly drive the plot of this romance. Highly recommend.

I’m looking for a new page turner. Any recommendations?

Listening to

Well hello surprise album from Taylor Swift. folklore has been pretty much the only thing I’ll turn on besides the Hamilton soundtrack these days. 


Have been doing a version of this strawberry salad lately most days at lunch. And drinking these lemonade slushies.


Has sort of happened for me. I got in one this week so far and given that it’s been so hot, I’ll take that. But we’ve actually been pretty good about doing home workouts and I definitely felt that in my run. Despite feeling like I was on an easy run, I was still much faster than I had been only a few months ago and felt a lot less like I was dying. So there’s that. I’ll take that as a win.

That’s it for me this week! What are you up to? How are you all holding up? Leave me a comment and let me know!


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