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What I’m Wednesday 4

What I’m….


Sunshine Citrus Berry Smoothies

Sunshine Citrus Berry Smoothies- the smoothie responsible for the Great Blender Smash of 2019

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I just finished Things You Save in a Fire. This was hands down the best book I read all summer. While I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve read, this romance was fun but had some serious undertones. Plus, it was light enough to be a quick read. I read the whole book from start to finish in one evening. (I might have stayed up til 3 am to do it. #noregrets #gimmecoffeethough) I haven’t done that in years! If you like fun romances, I highly recommend it. Next up for me is The Proposal by Jasmine Guillory.


Seriously. I still need a new series to get hooked on. I’m still rewatching Gossip Girl, and tuning into the Hallmark Channel’s Christmas in July. (PS. Check out my Christmas drinks with coconut rum for a fun festive twist on summer cocktail time).

I did try an episode of Schitt’s Creek though. Pretty funny, but I’m not hooked yet. Do I keep going?

…Ready for

Fall! It has been nearly 100 degrees here every day for the last week until yesterday. Yesterday was a gloriously cloudy day that topped out in the upper 60s. It was a little damp, breezy. I could practically smell the pumpkin. Which by the way, I am starting to bake with to get some fall recipes rolling your way soon.

…Perplexed by

My Instant Pot! I bought one on Prime Day because hi, I’m a food blogger and how have I not jumped on this bandwagon until now? Who knows? I’m always late to the party.

I have thoughts.

I expected that immediately my life would change for the better. That I would do all the things and I do mean all the things that I don’t have time to do because I am a busy mom with small children that runs a business.

HA. Nope. Not hardly. So far, it has saved me approximately -15 minutes because I spent at least that long flipping through the manual. However I am bound and determined to conquer this beast and break it down for you as easily as I can.

Also. I can’t totally hate on it because we are testing recipes. For dinner tonight, we made Instant Pot tacos and I flipping loved them. Now granted, I’ve never met a taco I didn’t like, but these tacos were extra delicious. The Instant Pot made the taco meat extra saucy and a little softer than cooking it on the stovetop. I loved it. It was like nacho tacos. So here for it, but there was room for some recipe tweaking before I share it with you. Coming soon though I promise.

…Slightly in love with

The Calm app. I haven’t ponied up for the paid version but I have to say, I embarrassingly enough love to listen to the story Blue Gold before I fall asleep. The narrator’s voice is so soothing. Ahhhhh feel the zen. Does anyone have the full version? What is the Matthew McConaughey story?? Anyone?

…More in love with

My Kitchen Ninja! If you follow me on Instagram, then you know my blender met its unfortunate and untimely demise on Monday morning when it threw itself off my kitchen counter while I was making these smoothies for breakfast. I had a cheapy blender before, but I did some research and decided it was time for a better blender. Let me tell you, while I didn’t get a really pricey Vitamix, the Ninja I got is fab! The texture of my smoothies is so much smoother and my frappucinos are so much better blended now too. 100 percent worth it for a kitchen appliance I use several times a day.

…Seriously in love with

My noise cancelling headphones. I pop these bad boys on and I literally can’t hear the cartoons and chaos blaring around me. Don’t worry, I only wear them when my husband is home so someone can listen to the kids but it has been so nice to hear myself think while the kids are both up and in the same room as me. Lifesaving for working from home.

…Proud of

Yet again, my son! He’s such a rockstar. This week he mastered army crawling and now spends his days doing this silly cross between the breast stroke and the worm across my living room floor. Be still my heart.

…Even prouder of!

My daughter. She’s taking swim lessons for the first time this summer. She has been a bit scared of the water because an older kid threw her into the pool last year and she remembers it. Plus, she sort of takes after me and my timid nature when it comes to being a bodily risk taker. So she was super scared of even getting in the pool without me or my husband for her first lesson. There’s this little kiddie slide shaped like a fish in the shallow section of the pool. She would not slide down it. Last week, she finally did it and not only did she do it but she was the first in line at the end of her lesson to go in, slid down and immediately ran back around to do it again. Conquering your fear is no easy thing and her bravery makes me so happy.

That’s all for this week! What are you up to? Watching? Eating? Proud of? Tell me! I want to know!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.