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What I’m Wednesday 1

Since I get such a good feedback on my Saturday Smiles series, I’m trying something new: What I’m Wednesdays. I’ll give you a quick round down of what I’m reading, watching, doing, etc. every week. Enjoy!

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What I’m Reading

I just finished up The Bride Test by Helen Hoag. I’ve never read any of her books before, but it was a very fun romance. It was light enough to be a quick read for the beach but smart and full of substance. I’d definitely read more of her books in the future.

I’m almost finished with Jennifer Weiner’s Mrs. Everything. I’m a huge Jennifer Weiner fan. Her books are always funny and entertaining while still being sharp. Mrs. Everything wasn’t as funny as her other books but instead took me on a roller coaster of feelings as she took us through the story of two sisters growing up. There’s unconventional romances that made me cheer set against a very relevant story about women’s place in society and the civil rights movement. I highly recommend this one.

Up next? I’m not sure, but I’m thinking Kristen Hannah’s The Nightingale.

What I’m Watching

Aside from endless amounts of Mickey Mouse on the Disney Channel, I just watched Always be my Maybe on Netflix. I totally get why Keanu Reeves is having a moment right now. The movie was ridiculously funny. And the music OMG. The song during the credits still has me cracking up and Bounce Back is still stuck in my head.

But now that I’ve watched that, what should I watch next? I’m looking for a good bingeable series. Something light, fluffy, fun. Or something kind of trashy like Gossip Girl. I’ll pass on medical dramas, anything that will make me cry, and crime series.

What I’m Eating

Lunch the past two days has been this quinoa salad with buratta and strawberries from How Sweet Eats. So good!

I’m also having a moment with all the s’mores dips. I’ve made three different kinds so far including this Red, White, and Blue S’mores Dip that would be perfect for July Fourth festivities. Another one will be up on the blog soon.

Oh, and summer tomatoes. I can’t forget them. It’s caprese panzanella for days over here with some buttered balsamic tomato pasta to switch things up. I just can’t get enough.

What I’m Drinking

Vanilla coffee frappucinos for days. It’s getting too hot for straight coffee but I need it to live so…frozen coffee it is.

Weirdly enough though I’m not doing frappucinos at Starbucks right now. Nope, give me a big passion tea lemonade and I’m good.

And of course, all the homemade iced tea. Perfect for sipping outside while I watch my daughter ride her bike in circles around the driveway.

What I’m Loving

I dyed my hair again. I had gone rose gold last spring and loved it but wanted to try something a bit more punchy so I did purple balayage. It looked cute for approximately two days and then started to fade. So I started researching the best way to save bright hair colors and came upon this conditioner called Overtone. (Not an affiliate link or promoted post I just really love this stuff!!)

You guys, I’m not kidding, this stuff is amazing. I got purple for brown hair daily conditioner. The website says it’ll last a month. I bought it almost two months ago and still have about half the bottle left.

I was really skeptical. Last year when I had the rose gold balayage, I got this clenditioner. It didn’t really work for me no matter how long I’d leave it on and it made my hair feel gunky. This Overtone purple daily conditioner works really well. Plus it smells minty and fresh and I just put it on after I shampoo and then rinse it out when I’m ready to hop out of the shower. I don’t even have to use it each time I wash. I use it somewhere between every other wash and every third wash depending on how much I’m in the sun. I can’t say enough good things about.

What I’m Doing

Pulling off fish heists. My daughter’s beta fish Ariel met with her unfortunate demise. So there was a fairly complicated plan in place to keep her from realizing that her beloved fish had bit the big one. It involved getting her out of the house, saying Daddy had to go get a shot and she’d have to get one if she went with and then my husband covertly sneaking home and switching the deceased Ariel- may she RIP- with Ariel: Mark 2. And a snail. Apparently snails are good for beta fish. Who knew?

What I’m Living By

Commit! No excuses! There will never be a perfect time.

Seriously, I think I fall into the trap of waiting until the time is right to try to do something. Well forget that. There’s never going to be a good time to run that half marathon or finally actually write my book. So the time is now. I’m determined to do something about my goals and make them happen in little tiny steps. I broke down actionable, realistic steps I can take to get things done and moving in the right direction. And it’s gonna happen. Because no excuses.

Your turn! Tell me what are you doing, eating, loving? I want to know! And I really want to know what I should be watching! Help!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.