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Sprinkles of Real Life 1

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So I thought I’d try something a little new here today. This isn’t a recipe post like I normally do or even food related. This is just the bits and pieces that are going on in my life outside of food. Things I’m doing, what I am loving, ect.

You know the gal behind the blog and all that.

If that’s not your jam and you just want a recipe, that’s cool. Just click on back to the main page here and browse away. Or go check out my no churn pumpkin ice cream because it’s coming!

So, here’s what’s going on in life outside food these days.


Surprise sunflower field!

Surprise sunflower field!

I just need to say, if you follow me on instagram, you know I am obsessed with taking walks through the country roads near us. My husband found a sunflower field nearby and took me there on our walk last night, and all my non food dreams came true in one foul swoop. It was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen, and it’s walking distance. Love living in the country.

Sunflower Fields Forever

Sunflower Fields Forever


Yes, I know, I can’t believe that this warrants a space but if you follow me on instagram, then you’ve probably seen some of my insta stories. I am trying desperately to get healthier. It’s so hard. I want to eat alllllllll the things and I generally would rather sit on the couch and binge watch crap I mean fine television programming than workout.

Zoodle Bowl. Recipe to come next week!

Zoodle Bowl. Recipe to come next week!

But, I’m doing it. Right after my birthday in July, I said no more. And I started eating way better. Like zoodles instead of noodles and giant skillet chocolate chip cookies once a week only. My husband and I joined a new gym with better childcare, and this is the big one:

I started running.

Guys, I LOATHE running with a fiery passion. Like truly hate it, unless I am running after a big cookie or away from a scary animal, which actually happened during a run about 3 weeks ago. (True, we were running on a trail and there was a huge dog not on a leash that charged us.)

But something happened about a month in. I started not dying during my runs. Like not only not dying but actually kinda liking them. I know. So weird.

My new Asics= Love!

My new Asics= Love!

I attribute liking my runs to a few key things:

  1. ALONE TIME- it’s like gold to any mom that’s home with young kids
  2. Music- I listen to Pandora during my runs and I gotta tell you, I <3 “Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran. I know late to that party, but it’s is my favorite song these days. And hello, can we talk about Kesha? Her new stuff is so good!! “Praying”= #allthefeels Plus holy cow, can she sing.
  3. I got actual running shoes. I had been running in really ancient cross trainers. It was no good. I ponied up and bought a pair of Asics and I have to say, no more sore shins! Plus the first time I ran in them, I shaved a full 2 minutes off my mile time. Not that I am super fast by any means but I went from 11:30s to 9:30s. Not too shabby.
  4. The ankle band I’m wearing in the pic is a Fitbit Flex 2. It’s how I track my runs, which is key to me liking them. I was scrolling through the past month of runs yesterday while waiting for my husband and I felt like a bad ass realizing how far I’d come and how much consistently faster I’m getting. I like tracking stats and runs and run times seems like a much healthier way to do it then what the scale says. And because I know someone will wonder, I wear it on my ankle because I push a stroller a lot. It doesn’t pick up on steps as accurately when I’m pushing a stroller and not using my arms.
  5. I got actual running clothes. There’s something to be said for not pounding the pavement in my scuzzy tee shirts and nasty old shorts. Plus, I’m not gonna lie the ability to run without my thighs or arms chafing is life changing to me.

So because I am actually not hating running these days, I decided I am going to run a 5k in September. It’ll be my first since way before my daughter was born almost 3 years ago. And of course, the 5k I’ve signed up for is a Pumpkin Run because really, could I be any more basic?

Which brings me to my next thing…

Mama Musings and Fall

I am so oddly conflicted about summer ending. Normally I am super happy to see fall come. I still am. I love it all so hard. I am pretty much that girl wearing boots and leggings, drinking a steaming PSL all season. I would totally make snow angels but in fallen leaves, and I have never met a pumpkin that I don’t adore.

But, but, but.

I kind of didn’t do summer this year. I mentioned it when I gave you all the recipe for my Coffee Rubbed Ribs. Goose is just in such a hard phase. She turns 3 soon and I swear she hit the threenager thing early. She has an opinion on everything. And argues about everything. It has been kind of miserable taking her to the pool because packing takes forever and the meltdowns when it’s time to leave the pool are absolutely epic.

Plus, the kiddie pool is her total jam and it’s hard to not think about what else is in the pool too. Ew.

But a few weeks ago, we spent the weekend with my sister at the Jersey shore. I had so much fun. And so did Goose. We took her to the beach and the boardwalk, and she loved it. We let her ride some amusements, gave her too much ice cream, and it was just amazing.

Summer fun

Summer fun

So because of this, we haven’t summered as much as normal. I have serious #FOMO setting in. I feel like I need to cram in all the summer. ALL OF IT. Now, into the next 3 weeks before Labor Day. The thought is exhausting.

I think I’ll be relieved when I can put my feet up with my first steamy PSL of the season and not feel guilty for hating the kiddie pool and all the trauma that goes along with it.

Binge Watching

Currently binging in my limited alone time on The Fosters. I have a deep love of all kinds of teen dramedies even though I am well past teenaged myself. Gossip Girl? Loved it. Gilmore Girls? They are my spirit animals. Glee? Yep, totally Gleeked out when it was on. I will say though, the Fosters is definitely heavier than my normal. It’s not really a dramedy and more just flat out drama. It gets kind of heavy. But I’m super impressed by it. I’m on the end of season 2 so I have a while to go. Anyone out there obsessed with The Fosters right now?

Also currently rebinging on New Girl with my husband. It’s our bedtime show, and I have to say I forgot how funny the first 2 seasons are. Before the characters (cough, Winston) get too weird, the show was so cute.

Looking for a new thing to watch though. Anyone have suggestions? I like light and fluffy or dramas like Revenge.

So that’s pretty much it. 1000 plus words on what’s going on in my life and just random thoughts. Would love to hear from all of you! What are running things you like? Shows to binge on? How are you feeling about fall coming up and summer ending? Tell me things!



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