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Saturday Smiles 1

Welcome to my new series- Saturday Smiles. This is just a place where I share things that have made me smile all week long.

unicorn cake

My trial run fat unicorn cake.

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We all need more reason to smile so these are mine:

    1. Unicorn everything and most importantly that Goose loves unicorn everything. I just bought her new shoes this week and she picked out rainbow unicorn slip on sneakers. Be still my heart. They are exactly what I would pick if they had them in my size, but alas. And side note: how did I not know about National Unicorn Day?!
    2. Also, speaking of the unicorn thing- I found this gorgeous unicorn cake on Instagram. Goal for my baking year: make a unicorn cake that awesome. The photo above is the unicorn cake that I made for my daughter’s last birthday.
    3. Glitter wall paint. Continuing on my unicorn loving theme, my husband and I are talking about repainting our bedroom, which is currently light blue. This came about when I was looking for chalk paint to freshen up some furniture. And I found- wait for it- rose gold glitter paint. I’d like to paint 3 of my bedroom walls antique white and then do one wall with the rose gold paint. Because 4 walls might be too much in rose gold glitter. Not for me, for my husband. Side note: also crushing hard on rose gold glitter nail polish!
    4. My husband’s unprompted words: You know, if we paint the one wall rose gold, I bet we could still find a Christmas comforter that would go with it. GOD I LOVE THIS MAN. And challenge accepted.
    5. Pinch of Yum’s March coffee date. I love reading other blogger’s real life posts. And I must say I fully appreciated what Lindsay from Pinch of Yum had to say on avoiding burnout. I work from home for myself and often feel the burnout creep in. Then I feel bad about taking the time I need to recharge. Why work for yourself if you can’t dial down the intensity a little when you need to? Seriously what is the point in guilt tripping myself?

  1. Discovering Apple Radio. Yeah, I know. I live under a rock, but I finally found a 90s station on Apple Radio and my little xennial heart nearly exploded out of my chest singing along to Lisa Loeb’s “Stay” in my car on that first really nice day of spring.
  2. Speaking of nice weather, good running weather. I’m just starting to run again, and I am pleasantly surprised that I can run 2 miles without keeling over. Not bad considering I spent the majority of last year growing two babies, on bed rest, and then recovering from a c section. And I’m still loving Imagine Dragons for my running music but I’m looking to branch out. What suggestions do you have?
  3. And the biggest smile of the week: lots of smoosh hugs from my girl and giant baby smiles from my son. Aren’t giant hugs and smiles from little squishy people the absolute best?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.