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Free Easter Gnomes Coloring Pages

Free Easter gnomes coloring pages have the sweetest gnomes all in different adorable springtime settings. These printable coloring sheets will delight kids and adults alike.

A collage of 6 Easter gnomes coloring pages set on a pink background.
Easter Gnomes Coloring Pages
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I am obsessed!

They are adorable for every occasion. Christmas, Halloween, New Years, Valentine’s Day…

And obviously Easter and spring!

Being the gnome loving adult that I am, I have fun coloring these cute spring gnomes with my kids.

We are using them as a springtime art activity for our homeschooler, our preschooler, and our toddler.

It helps that they all love bunnies and at least 2 of these sweet, smiley little gnomies are wearing bunny ears.

While these aren’t as educational as say the St. Patrick’s Day color by number printables for preschool, kindergarten and homeschoolValentine’s Day Math Printables for Kindergarten or Winter Alphabet Printables for Preschool and Kindergarten, they are adorable!

So give them a download and grab some coloring supplies (these glitter and pearl crayons would be so cute for these pages) and have some fun!

Springtime Gnomes

I know so many people think of gnomes as a winter thing for Christmas, but I always picture gnomes in a garden or forest so it’s fun to explore that more with these:

Other Easter Printables and Activities for Kids

Looking for other Easter and springtime activities to do with the kids? Check out some of these ideas:

  • Pretty Cool Whip Easter Eggs– They are a fun hands on, totally edible way to decorate your Easter eggs without needing a kit! The kids love it and definitely do not steal tastes of the Cool Whip 😉
  • Bumble Bee Craft is a fun way to have your kids practice their scissor skills and make an easy printable craft. is a fun sprinkle filled treat to make with older kids.
  • Easter Bunny Bark– Get the kids in the kitchen with this easy, no bake candy.
  • Easy Oreo Bunny Butts turn Oreos into adorable fluffy little bunny tail treats.
  • The Best Cute and Easy Sprinkles Sugar Cookies could be coated in Easter sprinkles for an easy treat.
  • Peeps Nest Cupcakes turn the fluffy marshmallow candies into festive cupcakes. Fun to decorate with the kiddos
  • Pretty Italian Easter Bread Wreath with Eggs– This bread is a good one to make with older elementary kids, tweens, and teens as it requires a bit more work. But even the littlest kids can help push the eggs into the bread and sprinkle on some festive sprinkles!

Other Gnome Printables and Projects

Get your Free Easter Gnomes Coloring Pages Springtime Gnome Printables!

Get your free printable Easter gnomes coloring pages here.

Did you color these? Let me know!

Did you color these Easter gnomes coloring pages or any other recipe on my site? Leave me a comment below and let me know how you liked it. And make sure you follow along with me on FacebookPinterest and Instagram to see everything we’ve got going on.

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