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What I’m Wednesday 3

What I’m….


my lilies

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I just started Things You Save in a Fire by Katherine Center. Like literally am one chapter in. I can tell I’m going to like it. Her writing is really easy to read and the first chapter was funny. I can’t wait to read more and report back!


I’m rewatching Gossip Girl while I do my gym workouts. I’m not proud of it. I’ve watched that series like three times, and I really need something new to binge on Netlix. Please help!!

I’m also tuning into all the Hallmark Channel Christmas in July programming. It’s like my favorite thing ever. My 4 year old asked to watch one of the movies with me last Friday and I about died of happiness as she sat and snuggled with me while we watched. I had no idea at the time she was so snuggly because she was getting sick, but whatever.


Tomatoes from my garden! I am a prolifically bad gardener with the exception of the gorgeous Oriental lilies I manage to grow every year and my accidental pumpkins from when we left the pumpkin from Halloween outside all year and now have a small pumpkin patch by our front steps. Opps. So it’s sort of a small miracle that my tomato plants are growing. I have the best tomato pasta recipe to share with you soon. I can’t wait. It’s the best thing ever!

I’m also devouring all the fresh blueberries. We went blueberry picking last week and I may have to make some stovetop blueberry pie or some of Sally’s amazing blueberry muffins to use them all up.

 …Wishing I Was Wearing

Target’s loungewear pants. I AM OBSESSED. I keep waiting for them to go on sale. They are the softest pants I have ever felt and I can’t wait to buy them and never ever take them off. Ever.


An Instant Pot! I bought one on Prime Day and it just came. I’m waiting for my life to change from owning it. It’ll happen right?

And now I try all the Instant Pot recipes to see what all the hype is about. I’ll definitely report back.

…Excited About

My new noise cancelling headphones!! My husband found a GroupOn for a pair and bought them for me for my birthday. Let me tell you working at home with two young kids is tough. I work in the midst of chaos all the time and spend so much energy trying to tune out noise from cartoons, toys, a trike tearing through the house…. I am thrilled to have these so I can tune that out while I work and actually hear myself think thoughts.

…Thinking About

Balance. I’m lacking it significantly. It’s all or nothing for me so much of the time, and that stinks. I am trying to find my zen but it’s really hard in this season of busyness. I’m trying by putting my phone away, logging off my computer when I can, and being more in the moment. But it’s hard. And I am still trying to find ways where I can get the quiet I so desperately need when my mind can just be free. I’ll take any tips.


Getting back to it. About 2 weeks ago, my mantra was there will never be a good time so the best time is now. I still agree. And then I got a cold and my daughter got sick and well life happened. I got off track making progress towards my goals. So now instead of letting myself get derailed I get back on my horse and go.

So much for balance I guess.

So tell me, what are you up to this week? I really want recommendations for things to watch. Please help a lady out here!

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Cassie @ Get Your Holiday On

Thursday 18th of July 2019

Oh sweet! I have been trying to find some good lounge pants to try! I love soft pants. It's perfect for working from home too! Thanks for the suggestion. :)


Thursday 18th of July 2019

I'm honestly not sure balance exists. I can never seem to keep all my priorities on the plate at once.


Thursday 18th of July 2019

Oh I want to read that book too! It's on my list!


Thursday 18th of July 2019

Love it! I have been eating tomato sandwiches every day, nothing like home grown veggies, especially tomatoes!!!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.