Ham and Cheese Paninis

Ingredients for Ham and Cheese Paninis

Bread Butter Mayo Dijon mustard Ham Swiss cheese

Butter the bread.

Butter one side of each piece of bread so the buttered side is totally covered.

Mix the condiments.

Mix mayo and dijon mustard together in a bowl until combined. Spread over the opposite side of the buttered bread.

Assemble the paninis.

Put a piece of bread buttered side down on the grill pan. Layer on cheese followed by ham then another slice of cheese and ham finishing with one final cheese slice.

Close the paninis.

Top the paninis with the second slice of prepared bread, condiment side down and buttered side up.

Cook the paninis.

Either on a grill pan with a cooking weight or in a panini press cook the panini until the cheese melts and the bread is golden on each side. Flip once if using a grill pan.

Cut the ham and cheese paninis in half.

Serve warm with your favorite side dishes/


Full recipe: seasonedsprinkles.com