Baguette Caprese Sandwich with Pesto

Ingredients for Pesto Caprese Baguettes

Baguettes Pesto Fresh Mozzarella Tomatoes Basil Salt and Pepper

Slice the tomatoes.

Thinly slice the tomatoes and set them aside.

Slice the baguettes.

Slice the baguettes lengthwise leaving them connected on one side.

Spread the pesto.

Spread pesto liberally on both sides of the sliced baguette.

Build the Baguette Caprese Sandwiches.

Layer on a row of fresh basil followed by the sliced fresh mozzarella and fresh tomatoes on the bottom portion of the baguette.

Finish the Caprese Sandwiches.

Lay on a final layer of fresh basil on top of the fresh mozzarella. Close the sandwich with the top layer of baguette.


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