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Sunshine Citrus Berry Smoothies

Sunshine Citrus Berry Smoothies Happy day after Memorial Day and first unofficial full week of summer! Tell me about your holiday weekend. Was it fab? Filled with pool going and beach going? Or at least making some killer barbecue like these beer cheese stuffed burgers? If you got a little crazy with the burgers this …

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Sparkly Raspberry Champagne Cocktails

Sparkly Raspberry Champagne Cocktails Hi! I made you a pink drink! A pink sparkly drink! A raspberry champagne cocktail to be exact. This drink couldn’t be more my favorite thing ever. It’s pink! It’s sparkly! It’s pretty much the inside of my head and I love it so much. They are just so pretty. I …

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Raspberry Cheesecake Popsicles

Have I told you how much I love raspberry cheesecake anything? It is pretty much my everything. I mean, food wise, not life wise. But really, it’s the most perfect combo of flavors for me ever. I have friendships formed solely on my love of raspberry cheesecake ice cream. Close friendships. So maybe raspberry cheesecake …

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