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Kale Pesto Pizzat

So, I’m trying to get healthier. I know, typical January thing. But I want to get healthier and still eat pizza. Seems legit right? And somewhat impossible. But have you met kale pesto pizza? Oh yes, kale pesto pizza is the answer. Do you know how many veggies this pizza packs? A whole lot. It’s…


French Onion Gluten Free Pizzat

Jenna here. This one is a good one. Nate is obsessed with French onion soup. He orders it when we go out to dinner a lot. But he is super particular about the way he likes it. The onions can’t be too sweet. They have to have that perfect savory undertone. Well, let me tell…


Gluten Free White Pizzat

Pizza. Good crust, loads of cheese, and fresh toppings combine to make one of my favorites. How could it not? The only thing better than pizza for me is any kind of hot wing, but a good pizza is a really close second. Unfortunately non-cardboard gluten free crust is nearly impossible to find. So, we¬†…