Puff Pastry Caprese CupsPuff Pastry Caprese Cups

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Puff Pastry Caprese Cupst

I have a serious thing for caprese. Really, I love all things caprese like fried mozzarella caprese salad. I even love caprese so much that we had it at our wedding a million years ago. Actually that’s not true. Our wedding was 11 years ago. Not a million. Just feels like a million. You know…


Puff Pastry Cheesecake Cupst

Puff Pastry Cheesecake Cups Being the mom to a little girl is so fun.  For Christmas, she got a play kitchen set and a miniature set of tables and chairs. We spend many of our afternoons having “cuppee” parties. You know instead of tea parties. Because Mommy is moderately obsessed with coffee. We sit at…