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Quick and Easy Bruschetta Pasta

Quick and easy bruschetta pasta takes the flavors of the classic Italian appetizer and puts them into a yummy spaghetti dish. This simple vegetarian pasta recipe comes together in 20 minutes, making it perfect for a fuss free dinner any night of the week. Post originally published June 3, 2016. Updated July 17, 2020. Post

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Barbecue Beef Nachos

Man Food Friday is back with Barbecue Beef Nachos. This pile of deliciousness was born from desperation, hunger, and leftovers. The husband gets lots of props for this pile of beefy, cheesy nachos and some serious Liam Neeson style skills. That’s right. Barbecue Beef Nachos are revamp of Barbecue Beef Sandwiches from a couple Fridays

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