Triple Chocolate Chip Cookie BarsTriple Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

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Triple Chocolate Chip Cookie Barst

Triple Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars Ooey gooey triple chocolate chip cookie bars are chocolate chip cookies simplified. All the classic chocolate chip cookie taste without the hassle of making individual cookies, these chocolate chip cookie bars are the perfect treat when the cookie craving hits. Decadent but classic this chocolate chip cookie bar recipe doesn’t…


The Best Chocolate Chip Cookiest

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies I hesitate to share this recipe. It might be white noise, because there are like a zillion and two chocolate chip cookie recipes out there. But it really is good: the best. Better than the recipe on the bag of chocolate chips. Also I can take no credit for this…


Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookiet

I feel like I need to apologize to you all. Or at least apologize to the button on your pants. This skillet chocolate chip cookie will totally do your diet in. But, trust me when I say it’s so very worth it just like my salted caramel chocolate chip butter bars were. You know that…


Healthy Pumpkin Cookiest

The Goose used to be such a good eater. Unfortunately, she’s a toddler and the finicky nature of a toddler has finally caught up with us. Gone are the days when she’d happily eat anything on her plate like Pasta with Chickpeas and broccoli. No these days, all she wants is popcorn and cookies. That’s…


S’mores Stuffed Cookie Barst

I just can’t get enough of s’mores. They are one of my hands down favorite summertime treats. The only way to make them better? Stuff s’mores into cookies to make these gooey, s’mores stuffed cookie bars. They are hands down my favorite summer cookie. Goose definitely agrees. She was a down right marshmallow thief while…