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The Best Sweet Peach Mimosas (Mimosas with Peach Schnapps)

Sweet peach mimosas are a delicious update to the classic brunch drink. With sparkling champagne, peach nectar, orange juice, and a splash of schnapps, these cocktails are perfect for any special warm weather occasion. Is there anything that says special occasion more than a mimosa? Go ahead. Try to think of something. Nada, right? Because …

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Sparkly Raspberry Champagne Cocktails

Sparkly Raspberry Champagne Cocktails Hi! I made you a pink drink! A pink sparkly drink! A raspberry champagne cocktail to be exact. This drink couldn’t be more my favorite thing ever. It’s pink! It’s sparkly! It’s pretty much the inside of my head and I love it so much. They are just so pretty. I …

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Christmas Cranberry Champagne Cocktails

Christmas is all about the sparkle, right? I mean forget all the other stuff like togetherness and peace on earth and all of that. We all know it’s all about the sparkle and glitter. (I’m kidding. Obviously.) These Christmas cranberry champagne cocktails are sparkly to the max and the perfect cocktail to sip on while …

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