Slow Cooker Balsamic Roast Beef SandwichesSlow Cooker Balsamic Roast Beef Sandwiches

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Slow Cooker Balsamic Roast Beef Sandwiches


Slow Cooker Balsamic Roast Beef Sandwiches

Slow Cooker Balsamic Roast Beef Sandwiches from

The holidays are here! Cue the jingle bells.

Slow Cooker Balsamic Roast Beef Sandwiches

Slow Cooker Balsamic Roast Beef Sandwiches

Well, actually, for those in this house, the jingle bells ring all year long. I’m a bit of a Christmas nut. In fact, our kid sings 3 songs: the My Little Pony Song, the ABCs, and Jingle Bells. Yep Jingle Bells. She particularly loves to “sing” it while in her crib, jumping up and down, generally refusing to go to bed. Her crib Christmas concertos last for hours. No lie. Hours.

Toddlers are fun, aren’t they? Especially at 11:30 pm when bed time has been going on for hours.

Slow Cooker Balsamic Roast Beef Sandwiches

Slow Cooker Balsamic Roast Beef Sandwiches

So now you know the bed time struggles. That just adds to an already hectic time of year for us. Between get togethers, shopping (because yes I generally leave all my shopping to the last minute), and trying to cram in as much Christmas magic and as many gingerbread chai lattes as I can into one short month, I get a little frazzled from time to time.

So this time of year, I’m all about no stress slow cooker meals. I like a meal that I can prep in 5 minutes and sort of forget about as it does its thing. These slow cooker balsamic roast beef sandwiches make that kind of stress free meal, perfect for grab and go during the hustle and bustle of the season. You could even get away with serving these while entertaining. Braising the beef and onions slowly in this mix of balsamic, wine, and broth makes for a roast that isn’t dry and packs a nice complex flavor. It’s a little sweet from the balsamic, rich from the broth, and well wine. Wine just makes everything taste better. And if you really want to make it a dinner to remember, serve it with this Parmesan garlic twice baked potato casserole. It’s a match made in heaven.

Slow Cooker Balsamic Roast Beef Sandwiches

Slow Cooker Balsamic Roast Beef Sandwiches

The prep for these delightful sammies was really basic, and not the kind of basic I am (hello yoga pants). My prep consisted of quartering 6 onions, pausing for a moment to chase onions down the hallway courtesy of said toddler mentioned above, then adding onions, meat, seasoning, and liquid to a crock pot. The end. About 6 hours later, I shredded the meat with a fork. And chased another onion down the hall.

Toddlers, you know?

Yields 6-8 servings

Serves 6-8 servings

Slow Cooker Balsamic Roast Beef Sandwiches

Slow cooker balsamic roast beef sandwiches are a quick, stress free meal.

5 minPrep Time

6 hr, 30 Cook Time

6 hr, 35 Total Time

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  • 3 pound chuck or loin roast
  • 6 onions
  • 5 cloves of garlic, pressed
  • 2 bay leaves
  • 1 sprig of thyme
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 1 cup balsamic vinegar
  • 1 cup of red wine of your choosing
  • 2 tablespoons of dijon mustard
  • 2-3 cups of beef broth*


  1. Quarter the onions and remove peels. Place half the onions on the bottom of the slow cooker.
  2. Season both sides of the roast liberally with salt and pepper. Place roast on the bed of onions.
  3. Press garlic cloves and put directly on roast.
  4. Cover with remaining onion quarters.
  5. Add 1 cup of balsamic vinegar and 1 cup of wine. Then pour in just enough beef broth to cover the roast. It will vary based on size and shape of the roast. I used 2 3/4 cups. Add the mustard, whisking it with a fork briefly to incorporate it. Finish by adding 2 bay leaves and a sprig of fresh thyme.
  6. Cook covered on low for 6 hours or until you can pull the roast apart with a fork.
  7. At the 6 hour mark, shred the roast with a fork, turn heat to high and let cook for another 30 minutes. Serve on rolls, topping with cheese if desired, or serve with a bed of mashed potatoes.



87 cal


1 g


16 g


4 g
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  1. Sara
    Perfect timing to see this. I was thinking about doing some kind of balsamic roast this weekend. This looks delicious. And a potato recipe in there too! Thanks
  2. Brittany Comeaux
    This looks delicious! Going to pin it for later! As a side note I love your jingle bells story. My first kid was born in December so I was always singing silent night as his lullaby and now it's like the household bedtime song for both of the kids. And they insist on it!
    • jfletcher
      Awww. That's adorable. Have you seen the diaper commercial where they sing Silent Night to the babies? I think it's pampers. It came on a lot the year my daughter was born and it used to make me cry lol.
  3. Carrie
    Oh my goodness, so glad I found this recipe! We always have a house full over the holidays and this is perfect - gotta love meals from a slow cooker!!!
  4. Ayanna
    YUM! I love using my slow cooker all year long. Although my girls are no longer toddlers, now I get to run them around from school, to swimming, to gymnastics, to dance, and to soccer. Slow cooker meals are the best, pinned!
  5. Jessa
    These sandwiches are drool-worthy! I love cooking with balsamic and never turn my nose up to wine. What a delicious recipe!
  6. Tammy
    Yummy, yum, yum!!! These look amazing. I love to use the slow cooker in the winter time so these will be perfect!
  7. Heather
    I don't know why I automatically default to thinking of only roast beef in the slow cooker - but I can't wait to try this recipe! A good beef sandwich is a classic!
  8. Joanie @ ZagLeft
    Slow cookers are the best, especially when you're trying to put dinner on the table while chasing around a toddler or carpooling teenagers (as I am). Love the flavors in this recipe!
  9. Andrea
    OMG! You're killing me! I want to grab that sandwich right off my screen. I am so making this over the weekend. @waldorfsaladcottagefries
  10. Girl
    I've seen many crock pot/slow cooker recipes this Christmas time. Maybe it's time I invest in one and see it work its magic! Am sending your recipe to my husb, he's the chef of the house :)
    • jfletcher
      It's time! You are missing out on some easy and delicious recipes without a slow cooker!

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