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Saturday Smiles 8

A list of summer awesome things we currently love or have done:

grass at sunset

  1. Firefly hour. You know that magic hour when the sky turns the best shade of pink and purple and all the fireflies come out all at once lighting up the world with glittery flecks of light? That’s my current favorite hour of the day when the heat of the day dissipates and my daughter and I run around catching all the fireflies, trying to catch the biggest one or the smallest one. I used to run through my yard growing up and try to catch them. Most of the time, I did it on my own. It’s utter perfection feeling like I’m reliving my childhood only with a new partner in crime by my side.
    Lucy holding firefly
  2. Firepit fires. After firefly hour is done and the sky turns the hazy black purple gray that only summer sky turns, we make fires in our fire pit and sit around and roast marshmallows and make s’mores. Goose still hasn’t mastered the art of marshmallow roasting, but she’s getting there.
  3. Speaking of roasting marshmallows, have you ever seen a four year old after they eat a roasted marshmallow? I’m not kidding. The kid had white marshmallow goo stuck to her eyebrow, down her leg, and in her hair. I know swimming totally counts as a bath in the summer, but not after marshmallows. That requires soap.
  4. Our daughter picked out her own shampoo. I thought for sure she’d pick out princess shampoo since she has Frozen bubble bath or maybe Captain Marvel shampoo since she loves her Captain Marvel shirt so much, but she needed this Spider-Man shampoo. After she uses it, she proudly tells us she smells like Spider-Man.
  5. Needless to say, the older 3 members of our family are really excited to go see the new Spider-Man movie sometime this week. Actually, by default the baby is too, since he has a Spider-Man onesie that he frequently wears.
  6. He wore the Spider-Man onesie when we took my husband to the Franklin Institute Marvel exhibit for his birthday. If you are in or around Philly and like the Marvel movies, it’s well worth going. They have tons of stuff from the movies, like all the costumes, the different versions of the Iron Man suit, and so much more. Plus it was one of those exhibits that is totally family friendly. Our 4 year old had a great time looking at the movie stuff and seeing some of the life sized statues of the characters.
    Max as Spider Max

What summer things are you loving right now?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.