Barbecue Chicken TacosBarbecue Chicken Tacos

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Barbecue Chicken Tacost

After a long, glorious holiday weekend full of good food and fun times, my fridge is full of grill leftovers. That’s really not a bad thing. Because when I have grill leftovers, I get creative and breathe new life into them. And then, sometimes, if I am lucky, greatness happens like it did with these…


Lemon Pesto Hummust

I love this lemon pesto hummus almost as much as my Goose loves Minnie Mouse and “DOGGIES!” How much is that? A lot. In order, my Goose’s first words were, “Mama, Dada, Min-Min (which is now Min-NIE!), and Doggies.” The doggie thing makes sense. She has been besties with our very lovable but very overly…


Mexican Quinoa Salad with Lime Vinaigrettet

I have found a food my normally garbage disposal like toddler wont eat: avocado. She picks them all out of this Mexican quinoa salad with lime vinaigrette. Then she either mushes them around on her high chair and finger paints with them or tosses them at the dog, who steps in them and paw paints…


Spring Vegetable Quinoat

I’ve already told you how my daughter gobbles up chickpeas like they are going out of style and loves hummus, but would you believe me if I told you she liked quinoa? She even likes this spring vegetable quinoa complete with all sorts of veggies that toddlers normally despise. Yep. She does. Don’t worry though,…


Pasta with Chickpeast

Pasta with chickpeas. This recipe brings me back. My Italian grandmother used to make something similar with white beans. The sauce was creamy and comforting. Just like this chickpea sauce. It is perfect for cool spring days like the ones we’ve been having lately. This pasta with chickpeas almost makes up for the fact that…