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Nathan Horst

Barbecue Beef Nachos

Man Food Friday is back with Barbecue Beef Nachos. This pile of deliciousness was born from desperation, hunger, and leftovers. The husband gets lots of props for this pile of beefy, cheesy nachos and some serious Liam Neeson style skills. That’s right. Barbecue Beef Nachos are revamp of Barbecue Beef Sandwiches from a couple Fridays

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Cranberry Barbecue Ribs

Just because it’s Christmas in July week over here doesn’t mean Man Food Friday isn’t happening. This week the husband whipped up some Cranberry Barbecue Ribs. O.M.G. these ribs. So stinkin good. Cranberry sauce doesn’t sound like it would be an awesome ingredient in barbecue sauce, but holy cow! It is! The sweet and tart

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Stuffed Buffalo Chicken Burgers

The husband is bringing you Man Food Friday again. This guy really can’t get enough buffalo food. These amazing monstrosities are jalapeno popper stuffed buffalo chicken burgers. Let me tell you, these things are like Miami according to Will Smith. They bring the heat, for real. Anyone else remember his song Miami? Ok moving on.

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